Textile labels have by now become much more than merely a small, informative cloth tag. They are now woven ambassadors for brands. Victoria Label’s woven labels underline the sophistication, the quality and the style of your products by the selection of optimum materials, perfect design and first class workmanship. Textile labels are available from Victoria Label as taffeta labels, high definition (HD) labels or satin labels. Our latest collection will give you some idea of the great variety of possibilities.
Woven labels are the textile branding for your product line. Woven labels are produced from yarn and we manufacture them exactly according to your profile of requirements so that you receive a completely individual textile label at the end. The selection of material, style, design, size, choice of colours and quality of the weaving are all up to you. Our professional staff will be glad to advise you at any time. We use only the best yarns, high-quality technology and innovative weaving techniques.

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